Monday, November 11, 2013

Five Good Things

Alex, Bambi, William, Lucas, Max, & Maria~
San Diego Safari Park~

It will always be the Wild Animal Park for us, but whatever they call it, this research and preservation, sister park of the San Diego Zoo is always a worthwhile place to visit. We packed sandwiches, grabbed our annual passes, and enjoyed a perfect fall day, when we had the park all to ourselves, and none of the 106 degree fahrenheit days they get in the summer! Maybe it's been too long since our last visit, because Maria was delighted and enthralled by every sight. Or maybe it's just that seeing elephants, cheetahs, giraffes, bats, African Toads, and rhinoceros up close in the beautiful back country is enthralling. It was a fun day. Relaxed. We saw a dozen or more mule deer contentedly browsing in the open space. There are many free roaming species that enjoy the protection of the Zoo. It felt special seeing these wide eyed beauties, and I was reminded of Ada, and Tasha Goat.

Good things:

1. Veterans, and their families: Their service, and the significance of all they sacrifice.

2. Counting down the days until Thanksgiving, and making plans, revisiting traditions, anticipating the joy of gathering with loved ones.

3. A dependable, and roomy ride, and another ride for back-up. It's such a blessing to be able to go where we want to go.

4. Pulling together to get a job done... our backyard benefitted from a first round of sorting, decluttering, and small repairs. I'm inspired to do more, more, more.

5. Travel slide shows... yours, ours, new, old. I love seeing those snapshots and memorable moments that happen in new places.

Won't you please share, too! Tell us your good things.


Anna Banana said...

1. Savoring the memory of dinner with lovely people.
2. Sunday is my Friday work-wise, so today I cruise.
3. Everyone in the Banana castle is feeling healthy.
4. Yesterday I gave myself the gift of waking up to a clean kitchen this morning.
5. Woke up to an email from Thailand that I'm looking forward to answering.

judy in ky said...

1. The feral kitties are snug in their igloos before we get snow tonight.
2. The heated water bowl so their water won't freeze.
3. The extra blanket on my bed.
4. My fireplace.
5. The cute tops I found shopping today.

warren said...

1. Things are winding down somewhat so we have time at home as a family
2. I am really excited for Christmas and snow which is wholly unlike me
3. My son and I have found a few new things that we really enjoy doing together so we are talking like crazy
4. Our non-stop house remodeling is actually going well for a change
5. Work life is comfortable right now