Monday, November 25, 2013

Five Good Things

Here are Tasha and Ada Goat, feeling sunny, bright, thankful, and content. Such smart girls. It takes so little to make them smile. They love to run around with us, find good things to eat, they love being brushed and scratched. They like getting in out of the rain, and climbing. They don't fret over last week, or what anyone thinks of their middles. They have no regret over their indiscretions... whatever those are! They seem to understand that life is about making friends, leaping for joy, singing out loud. At least, that's what I believe those dear girls know. It's the lesson I want to take away.

Good Things...

1. We unpacked our library... the narrow hall upstairs, lined with bookshelves, is looking tidy and has been cleared of boxes and boxes and boxes and boxes of donations, trash, and recycling. Ahhhh... the relief!

2. Geoff paved a nice pad for the goats, so now they can enjoy some mud-free space.

3. We are right in the midst of my favorite season, and days away from a favorite holiday... and all of the beauty, music, anticipation, gratitude and warmth of this time of year has me feeling deeply, truly, unabashedly good.

4. Maria is about to turn nine years old... she's walking around the house in a pirate outfit, a sort of dress rehearsal, and she's as happy as a goat in the sun!

5. Alex and Mitchell are launching a clothing company! Maker Threads is the business they have been developing since last spring, and Alex has been hard at work designing amazing graphics for their t-shirts. Amazing! Their clothes are geek chic, and tout the merits of the maker culture with unique emblems and insignias that represent the skills and interests of crafts people, engineers, homesteaders, hobbyists, artists, and musicians. Links and photos, soon... I promise!

Are you in a holiday mood? What's good?

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Anna Banana said...

Good things in my garden
1. turnip greens
2. beet greens
3. volunteer lettuce and cilantro
4. two tomatoes still on the vine
5. raking out weeds now instead of digging them out later