Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Go Figure

Without actually reading my camera manual, I try to take decent photographs. It's hit or miss. Sometimes, it's hit and miss. (I don't know what this means, but I'm okay with that.) Chickens are not easy subjects to begin with. They are shifty, flighty, and on the go. I probably should have a special lens, or know the right settings etc...

Anyway, I was out with the critters, and trying to get the "perfect" shot to demonstrate how much smaller Little Debbie and Lucky Penny are than the new hens. The difference is staggering, and funny to see. While I was crouching, and fiddling with the camera, one of the hens took the liberty of hopping on my back. I turned my head to see Thompson-Thomson-Tamsyn peering at me. And just for laughs, I raised the camera, turned it, and snapped an over-the-shoulder-this-can't-possibly-turn-out picture.

My mind went over all the ways I struggle with photography... to get good light, a sharp focus, timing... no chicken butts, no blurring, no half blinks. It's great having digital, and not feeling like an over-the shoulder Hail Mary is a waste, and I forgot all about it... until this morning. I took 148 pictures over four days, and this might be the best of the bunch!

Okay... maybe not straight-out of the camera, like this. Let's crop.

This is not 'shopped, only cropped. Great light. Great focus. Attentive subject. Kinda a fun artsy angle. Dang it. I'm better in a crapshoot than when I am trying!

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