Monday, January 20, 2014

Five Good Things

Now, it can rain. We've had a perfectly wonderful weekend, with all the blue sky and sun we could hope for in late January. I've been concerned about this dry-weather business, but when family can enjoy backyard fun, from sunset through moonrise, running with chickens, eating under the stars, and barely a chill in the air... well, that's a treat you simply cannot refuse. Alex and Max built us a lovely campfire, Liz and Beckie came with a feast suitable for a week of sumptuous cookouts, and Maria was over the moon to have two new cousins, Mark and Chloe, to play with. Kai is a dear and doting grandfather, and uncle. The only thing nicer than our weather, was the easy, relaxed time we shared with our fun, generous guests. I guess we should let the rain hold-off until Naoko and her children fly home, so they can continue playing in the winter sun!

On this Monday, I have no problem thinking of five good things. I've spent a few days enjoying more good things than I can count. It's been lovely.

Good Things...

1. Recalling everything I love about my aunts, Beckie and Liz... some of my earliest memories are of their dear voices, happy laughter, beautiful faces, and big hearts.

2. Making new friends, meeting new family, and enjoying time together.

3. Mom's Night Out, with Jola as host... more new friends, and more blessings.

4. The forge that Alex, Max, Maria, and Lucas put together and the cool projects developing there.

5. Winning ground on the Domestic Perils front... more clean spaces than not!

Good weather, good friends, a good haircut? What are you enjoying this fine morning?


Anonymous said...

Your chickens and garden look so healthy! Love it. We have a couple of the same breed chicken. Aren't they the best pets!

Anna Banana said...

1. Still employed, so will keep this short, lol.
2. Gratitude for lettuce harvest.
3. Had a visit to Cedros Gardens for soil amendments and advice for spring planting.
4. We changed things up and now the princes are doing chores without complaint. Turns out they need assurance that the chores are equal; God forbid one should do more or less than the other.
5. Some retail therapy, the sales on winter clothes were too good to pass up.

Dallas said...

Looks like it was a fun weekend. I particularly like the first two photos you posted. The little house and animals are a charming mix of decoration and play, and it's always fun to see wider-angle peeks into other peoples homes.

judy in ky said...

1. One last day of sunshine before the next snow storm tomorrow.
2. It was above freezing all day today (40s).
3. We are going to see "Book of Mormon" tomorrow.
4. The four little kitties outside are thriving.
5. Our house is warm.

warren said...

I love the cast iron farm set! I pretty much love anything old and iron but that's super cool!