Thursday, January 16, 2014

Take Your Serenity Wherever & Whenever You May

A blue sky, birds in the trees, cookies on a pretty plate, and hot chai :: Nothing like my usual, hurried, multi-tasking breakfast. Two minutes deliberately indulging in a favorite treat, sitting in a pretty spot :: Lovely, restorative, sweet, brief...

Only a moment after I took the last picture, the phone rang, and I sighed, in a {to be perfectly honest} self-pitying way. It was Geoff, sounding a bit shaken. Only a bit. A distracted driver hit his car... his poor car was rear-ended. He feels okay, so far, but his car doesn't look so great. I wish he had been home, with me, sharing those cookies and the moment of serenity. He's had a week. First, it was the ER for an absurdly bad migraine, a certain willful goat that literally cracked his right index finger... it sounded awful, and now his right hand is in a splint. Then this fender bender. Maybe one good thing we can say is that he's hit the three bad things in a row quota, and now he can finish the year safely, blissfully, and healthfully. Wouldn't that be a relief?

Now, wasn't I just contemplating the benefits of meditation, finding the calm, the joy, being in the moment? And, too, pondering philosophies and deep thoughts about hard times, making room for grief and joy? The irony of so many fresh opportunities for testing these ideas is not lost on me. Thank you, Life... I get it. Fortunately, Geoff is taking all in fair stride, and maybe two, or more, minutes sitting with my chickens will soothe my nerves, too. Things come together, and fall apart. Well, I guess it's a good idea, then, to enjoy the cookies and tea when we can, yes?


  1. I'm sorry to hear of Geoff's troubles. He deserves some peace and quiet and cookies and tea.

  2. Oh dear....poor Geoff. Hope the rest of the week goes better. And yes, absolutely, enjoy the cookies and tea when you can. Axxx

  3. Definitely more than his quota -- hope the healing is well underway and that he can have some TIME, which seems in short supply, for taking care. Too much.


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