Friday, January 31, 2014

Ten Eggs in Five

You've probably noticed, around here it's been eggs, eggs, eggs! I love it. I love our hens. I love their eggs… the sizes, colors, finding them, sharing them, cooking with them, eating them, everything! As many as we've shared, we still have a lot on hand, and the other night Alex suggested we make egg sandwiches for dinner. Brilliant, tasty dinner and it should have reduced our stash. But something fun and rare happened.

Do you remember the jumbo egg our Cukoo Marans laid? She's laying them about every other day, and we had five of her gorgeous large eggs in the fridge. And every single one of those eggs was a twofer! One egg. Two yolks. No yolk. (Max thinks that is a bad joke. "Not funny.")

We didn't actually use up as many eggs as we thought we would. Five eggs, became ten. And I wonder, will she lay half as many eggs in her lifetime, because of those double yolks?

William made himself two fried eggs. Well, make that four fried eggs.

Geoff thinks we need to be on the lookout for the legendary egg in an egg-triple yolk! Poor hen that lays that monster!

1 comment:

Kim said...

Aaaaaaaand I'm getting sympathy pains for that poor hen! Yikes.
Your eggs look lovely. That is super neat about the double yolks. And I LOL'd at your bad joke :)