Monday, February 17, 2014

Five Good Things

What's more gross than diet coke?
Answer: Old diet coke. Old, old, expired, when did Universal Studios feature a King Kong ride in their theme park? old. Nasty, toxic, foul old.
Never mind.

So, what's more fun than shooting tin cans with an arrow, or BB's?
Answer: Shooting shook-up old cans of fizzy diet coke is more fun than hitting tin cans.

What did you do for your long weekend?

We watched Argo, made pizzas, dropped conversation hearts into tonic water, cleaned the kitchen, dug a really big hole, drew plans for Hobbit homes, and wizard towers, visited the metal shop, weeded the school farm, worked on a chicken coop, sat with chickens, made a puppet, modeled a skip on 3D Studio, worked in an office, took Avengers quizzes, Googled what Presidents ate, and shot diet coke cans, and stuff.

Was "and stuff" ever a regular part of your speech? I was just struck with the memory of applying and stuff to practically any statement I could utter. It was shorthand, vague, and yet succinct. I like totally used and stuff when I was talking about my day, and stuff.

By the way, I'm Hulk.

Max is good with the bow and arrow.

I'm not sure what the potato is for… well, it does add something to the shot...

The potato flying up is almost as cool as seeing the arrow hit its mark!

Diet coke fountain. That's entertainment!

The last can, and William has Red Ryder loaded, and cocked. Ready, aim, fire!

First, it was a fountain...

Closer up, we see a big stream gushing at the points of entry and exit.

The finale was long streams of old pop going up, and down. That was seriously fun.

Good Things…

1. Long weekends. That was an easy one.

2. "Only" seven more weeks of long, long, long days, and working weekends, for Geoff.

3. Smells: cutting wood, digging dirt, lemon juice.

4. Volunteering.

5. Puttering around the house with family, and stuff.

Share your good things, and stuff!


Anna Banana said...

1. Pulling out my last tomato plant and finding one last tomato.
2. Finding the inspiration to pull out that last tomato plant even though it had a dozen flowers (but the plant itself was all grey and dead looking, so out it went).
3. Buying 4 little tomato plants, 2 artichoke plants, and packets of radish and cucumber seeds.
4. Finding out that it is not too early to plant said plants as long as they are placed in a container in the sun.
5. Dharma talking while taking a lagoon walk with a Buddhist friend. Aaah, take a break, let go. Yes.

Kim said...

I totally remember "and stuff". It was a very useful part of my lexicon for a few years there. (yikes!)

On the other end of the spectrum, I'll bet the words, "I'm bored" have never been uttered at Bird House. There is always something interesting going on; always something to create. I love it!

Kim said...

1. Night weening Violet going well. Perhaps better sleep is around the corner?
2. Trips to the library. I've never gotten over how awesome it is that I can borrow books FOR FREE.
3. Having a "breakthrough" (as cheesy at that sounds) in therapy and starting to let go of some sadness that I've been carrying around for the past 13 years.
4. Having a supportive husband who is a good listener
5. Savoring my Valentine's Day chocolate and drawing it out for a whole week!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

These are good. Not a bit of cheese.

warren said...

Ohhh!! Archery! I love archery! We shoot all sorts of stuff, but indeed, pop cans are the best! A TV set...not so interesting. Def experiment though!