Monday, March 17, 2014

Five Good Things

Good things...

1. Finding breakfast in your own backyard.

2. Finding a parking space... against all odds!

3. Knowing loved ones {my Mommy, Anna Banana} have flown home, safely.

4. All the cleaning and chores Maria, Max, Alex and I accomplished... with smiles, and conversations.

5. William successfully completed a course in Industrial Silicone Molding, and liked it.

Yesterday, our weather was as hot as July! And even though some of my friends have been slammed with yet another round of winter weather, I hope everyone can think of some good things to share.


Anna Banana said...

1. Texting from the airport and getting warm wishes back.
2. My beauty cat, Patrick, has hardly left my side since I returned.
3. Children are present and accounted for.
4. A package of loveliness will arrive soon.
5. So many garden peas to harvest!

Silly Little Sheep said...

1. Work is getting done
2. My man is coming to see me in three little days
3. Spring is almost here
4. Peas is sprouting
5. I have the best friends in the world

(not necessarily listed in the order from most important)

I love the colours those eggs are. I really need a house and a few chickens there... :)