Monday, March 24, 2014

Five Good Things

This year's Spring Garden Party was definitely the most colorful! The traditional open house, come one and all, garden party, hosted by Michal and Kellie, with Michael and Patricia, was as fun-filled, relaxed, and generous as ever. Everyone is welcome... no kidding! They put a sign out in front of the house. It's a potluck that always brings together a great bunch. This year we celebrated Nikita's ninth birthday, Holi, and water balloons, Spring, Equinox, goats, gardens, good food, new and old friends.

Good Things...

1. Time in the company of friends, and making new friends.

2. My camera... I love my camera.

3. Half a day with Geoff, out of the office.

4. The cabbage-pecan-crunchy-yummy salad that Chaz brought to the potluck!!

5. Smiles, and laughter, and the way it feels to be surrounded by joy.

Have you enjoyed some goodness, too? I hope you'll share with us, please.


Anna Banana said...

1. Finally feel all the way back in CA (a good thing only because one foot in NY and one in CA is not exactly comfortable).
2. Garden is looking good and I am getting some advice on next steps from an expert today.
3. Got flea med on kitty, enuf said.
4. Work continues.
5. Kiwi niece is coming in a few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Interspersed with the stress of being out of work for a few months, I find my joy in:

1. Having a swimming pool right outside my door
2. Afternoon naps seven days a week
3. Being outside in the warm spring sunshine while my friends are stuck in office buildings with windows that don't open
4. Meeting other friends who are in my situation and appreciate uncrowded places during the week. Even Costco is exciting on a Monday morning!
5. Hours and hours of quality and quantity time with my pets
6. Having oodles of time to try new recipes, read magazines by the pool, and did I mention naps? Lots of naps. Oh, sorry, that's six things.


Jennifer said...

1. Being just back from 5 days in NYC that we all enjoyed so much that we're talking about what we'll do next time, and thinking about more local-ish travel.
2. Any day when the reality of the weather is better than the forecast of the weather (today was almost 35, rather than the mere 20 originally predicted).
3. Not giving up on the idea, the promise of spring.
4. Getting back in to some family history research, and following more leads.
5. Seeing all of you so happy, and sunny, and springing!

Michal said...

1. Blessed being in the company of neighbors, friends and a wholesome community
2. Celebrating with the woman I am so much in Love with (Kellie)
3. Celebrating with my 5.5 year old little boy, Adam, who is a joy and my pride
4. Getting really dirty and having so much fun throwing water balloons
5. Life

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I love reading your ~good things!~ Thank you... every time you comment here, I feel like I might actually be doing something right. And your good things are fun to read, and uplifting to reflect on.