Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Moving Day

Just a little move... South and east, closer to the kitchen window and the back door. Maria has been expressing a wish to have her cottage moved, so while she's in school, Alex,William and I have been busy.  

The entire rose bed is getting a make-over.  Rose beds are beautiful, in the right hands, but I've been eyeing this real estate for vegetables.  The roses are lining our driveway, now, and even after being transplanted, they are thriving!  They'll have more sunlight, and better air circulation.  Now the big bed is free for Swiss chard, artichokes, peas, tomatoes, beets, and a little cottage.  

The section in front of the cottage is claimed by Maria, too.   I recall being about her age when I longed for a garden all my own.  Any little spot, where I was responsible and made my own choices.  That feeling was so strong, and I even remember the summer we were house sitting in Scripps Ranch, and I finally had a wee garden all my own, it was a good feeling watching my work bring up sprouts and flowers. 

Maria is eager, too, just like I was... Only she's even more enterprising and academic in her methods.  She's researched the seeds for planting this time of year and studied which plants will grow well with others.  Last night she drew up her plans with a color key and notes.  We can't wait for her to come home and see that she's a few steps closer to digging in her own garden. 


Janece said...

This is EXCITING! I would suggest a hidden cam to capture Maria's reaction. ;)

I love Maria's plans! Brilliant!

Amira is longing for time with Maria again soon! I'm sure she would love to be a willing farm hand for Maria -- who can coach her on how to prep, plan and plant a garden!

This post leaves a smile on my face!

ArtyZen said...

SO exciting for Maria - and what a fantastic, organised approach she has! Can't wait to see how it develops. Axxx

warren said...

That's cool! Awesome diagram...my daughter is a huge planner and loves projects like this too!