Monday, April 21, 2014

Five Good Things

Good Things...  

1.  Spring break, work break... Any time spent recharging, doing something different. 

2.   Chickens running... captured on high speed camera, shared with friends. 

3.  Watching Cosmos, rewinding, pausing, discussing, and absorbing. 

4.  Watering fruit trees, and appreciating their beauty. 

5.  Me, getting Geoff's car to start, when he couldn't.  {might be the day to buy a lotto ticket, too}

What's good?


Anonymous said...

Everyone should have a smiley lemon for Easter! My five good things would be: cake with chocolate ganache icing; Flora Puddleduck's egg for breakfast; walking in the rain with our collies; fat pink apple blossom buds; finishing another quilt! It's been a lovely Easter.

Anna Banana said...

1. Spring in the garden; dirt under fingernails.
2. Flower communion at the UU; brought a red rose and came home with a pink gerbera daisy.
3. Leftovers from Thai Easter dinner.
4. Extreme act of kindness by friend who liberated stuck toilet with her plumbing snake.
5. FitBit is my new best friend.

judy in ky said...

Here are my good things:
1. Reading your blog
2. Finishing my post about Romania
3. Easter dinner with family yesterday
4. Quiet day at home today with dinner in Crock Pot
5. Two foster kittens thriving in our spare bedroom

warren said...

We are loving Cosmos...the kids are eating it up which makes me especially excited! So much good info on there and Neil Degrasse Tyson is just fantastic!

Unknown said...

1. Hazel & Violet taking a nap simultaneously
2. Cool weather (I have jeans on! although I'm still wearing slippers, let's not get carried away)
3. Pepperidge Farm Brussels cookies, you know the extra crunchy ones
4. Hearing back from a Huffpost editor about a blog post query (yay! I'm just so happy she actually responded)
5. Robins Eggs malt ball candy