Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Little Free Seed Library

I let our cilantro flower, then go to seed. Besides loving the leafy greens, in soups, in guacamole, with an omelet, I love the seeds in cooking. Coriander. I use it in soups, tamales, as taco seasoning. I grind it, and just imagining the smell makes me wish I were home to make a big pot of albondígas.

Maria and I sat together in the barn and saved seeds. William sat with us. We talked about everything from seed libraries, to Incan potatoes, to Johnny Appleseed. Did you know? His apples were small and bitter, not planted for fresh eating, but to ferment for liquor. That's right, the dude was a drunk hobo gardener, and personally, I think it's rather endearing. By the way, better not quote me on the "hobo" bit. Our apples won't be cider, but I do like the idea of sharing seeds, and I may start by putting some of the cilantro seeds in the Little Free Library. Some for cooking, some for sowing, and some for sharing. Plenty to go around.

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Appleshoe said...

Now why didn't I think of this? We love coriander. Thank you for this post. I will let the rest of my cilantro go to seed! Be well.