Monday, June 09, 2014

Many Good and Fair Things

We woke up Sunday morning, with plenty on our plates already, but realized it was going to have to be a Fair Day. Compulsory. Fated to be. We'd already waited three years since our last visit, and even though the Fair is around through the Fourth of July, our calendar is filling up quick. Grab the sunblock, find some hats, lace the walking shoes, or pull up the boots... time for our day at the San Diego Fair, in Del Mar! Geoff is willing, and eager, to go every year. Me? I need extra incentives, like a robotics showcase, or this year: Max's entry in the Student Showcase! I could not miss seeing Max's submission from his architecture class, and also, I was over-due for an ear of roasted corn.

Usually, Monday's are for Five Good Things. Today I am sharing Fair Things. Fab Fair Things!

1. We got the best parking space, close to an entry, and close to the sheep and goat barn!

2. There were llamas, and sheep, and baby pygmy goats!!

3. We saw wool spinning demonstrations. The woman using this hand spinning device made it look so easy, I almost thought I should take on a new hobby, but I suspect her skills had more to do with the success of her yarn making, than 'easiness.'

4. Maria and I got to swoon over hand carded wool and gorgeous colors.

5. Goats!

6. Mamas, and babies!

7. Max let me take his picture with his work. He had very little to say about this achievement, but I was, of course, teary eyed, and delighted.

8. A one year architecture course, accomplished in one semester, and he can already design, draft, illustrate, and create... and stop me, I am bursting.

9. Another red ribbon, this time for FIRST 2102 Team Paradox and the robot named in honor and memory of Tom Saake... Mr. Snacky.

10. The Roxy Falafel Burger. The legendary family favorite.

11. Gorgeous onions destined for deep fried greatness. Darn... I missed those. Next time.

12. Someone may be getting her ears pierced. She has been debating doing this for a couple of years. Now she has some pretty little amethyst studs for motivation.

13. Beautiful sights, and temptations in the gem and mineral pavilion.

14. The thrills and chills of midway mania!

15. Counting tickets and picking rides.

16. Maria and William agreed to ride a tame looking round-and-round ride with me...

17. All smiles, moments before I would realize the evil forces lurking in round-and-round rides!

18. Not too hot, not too crowded, but beware the tame looking round-and-round rides!

19. Our own Fab Four.

20. Tilt-A-Whirl. That's the one I should have gone for.

21. In the future I will remember to consult with Alex before picking rides. After my earlier choice, I asked him to asses and rate everything, and he had expert, and skilled analysis for safety, barf-factor and ride comfort.

22. Ride buddys.

23. Ride smiles.

24. Seeing them smile was all the fun I needed.

25. Watching the thrill seekers from a safe spot.

26. Knowing my limits, and enjoying their happiness.

27. Every expression! Max, so calm. William delighted. Maria thrilled. Geoff happy and protective.

28. Knowing I got the shot! I love my camera.

Maria, June 11, 2011... Not yet.
A promise kept: She was so disappointed, three years ago, when she was too small for the roller coaster.
This time, she just came to the mark and was thrilled to have her chance on the wild ride!

29. She did grow, but she still looks very small, from here!

30. Good things... Sharing rides, sharing funnel cake with strawberries, sharing laughs, sharing the day at the Fab Fair.

Will you be going to a county, or state fair, this summer? What good things are you enjoying, or anticipating?


Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Natalie. I'll stay on the ground and watch the thrill seekers up above. If you are taking the coastal route to Oregon this summer, try and make time for the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. We have a scary and rickety wooden roller coaster.


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

We LOVE Santa Cruz! Would you believe we've never made it to the Boardwalk?? On this trip we will be camping south, then north of SC, and making a special point of visiting UCSC, and probably Gayle's Bakery.

judy in ky said...

What a great day! Great photos… I almost feel as if I were there. I haven't been to a fair in ages, but this makes me want to go.