Monday, July 14, 2014

Five Good Things

Let's not talk about the load of clothes I destroyed when I let a deep orange skirt slip into the wash. No.
Never mind the anemone albino amnesia Alamo anemia draining my reserves. Forget about it.
I cannot think about the bobcats that are stalking our farm. Oy.
Excuse our dust, the muss, the many little bits and parts that don't fit or don't submit, because besides all those, we had a pretty nice weekend. And seems to me, fretting over the messes hasn't helped me much anyway.

Good things...

1. Now that I know a cause for my energy deficit, I am looking into remedies... many of which are rather tasty.

2. Geoff put in a street light, trimmed the new window in Alex and Max's room, progressed on a new fence section, and took us to the beach. {Not anemic.}

3. Maria's ears are pierced, and we won't mention the pain she experienced, nor the tears, because now, she couldn't be happier!

4. Alex has nearly completed his two summer school courses, and is all clear and registered for fall semester.

5. I've discovered the joys of Nyjer seeds, and the darling goldfinches that love to eat it.

A pretty nice weekend is not a perfect weekend. Perfect is a silly notion, and a concept that can drain a lot of joy out of our perfectly messy lives. And please, don't imagine I am sitting on a hilltop, expounding pearls of shiny goodness. Not I. I am just trying to be as nice to me as I am to everyone else, to tell myself: It's okay. Who cares, really? Life is lovely, hard, and lovely, and then I grab some tissue, put on an apron, and try again.

Please, share your good things. I love your good things, too.

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Anonymous said...

1. Spending the day with family, friends and neighbors at a surprise birthday BBQ.
2. Making plans to hang out with them next weekend.
3. Stopping at four yard sales on my drive home from brunch the next morning.
4. Having a three hour dinner with my besties since junior high school.
5. Hearing my vet say, “She’s perfect” after removing my cat’s bandages.