Monday, July 21, 2014

Five Good Things

It's almost a month since we were in Wisconsin, and there are still so many things I haven't shared. We squeezed quite a few activities and good times into our week, and one of those was popping into the Milwaukee Art Museum. My father-in-law, Phil, was interested in seeing the Kandinsky Exhibition. I find that even artists that don't, at first glance, grab my interest, are almost always more interesting when I learn more about them... oh, sure, it sounds obvious when I say it aloud. The funny thing about the exhibition was that I kept finding paintings that were, surprisingly, more to my liking than I expected, until I learned that those pieces I felt attracted to were invariably works by friends or colleagues of Kandinsky! There is a lot to see and appreciate at the Milwaukee Art Museum, beginning with the building itself... Santiago Calatrava is the architect of the Quadracci Pavilion and the building alone is worth the visit, inside and out. It graces the shore of Lake Michigan, and evokes the form and strength of sails on water, and they can move in a span of 217 feet. Inside the natural light is beautiful, the space open, bright. The Milwaukee Art Museum has really good, engaging opportunities to experiment, to engage all your senses, and perception. Okay, facts and details aside, the best part was wandering from gallery to gallery and enjoying art. And playing art, making art, and being art!

Good Things...

1. Our Jet Puff Odyssey is with the mechanic, getting fine tuned, primed, and readied for The Oregon Trail! A safe, reliable, comfy ride can never be underestimated in its goodness.

2. A lot of tomatoes are ripening. Nothing as stunning as last year, but the decision to neglect them a bit more seems to be paying off. I just hope they taste as good as they look.

3. One of my very favorite bands is coming to Southern California, in time for our annual City and Art Christmas Outing! And! We have tickets, too! Pink Martini! At last! I'm already starstruck and swaying!

4. Ruth gave Geoff a beautiful, family dresser... he moved it into our room, put everything away, and it looks right at home, and very nice.

5. We've made plans for celebrating Ruth's birthday... it's one of those decade birthdays that deserve brunch with an ocean view!

Won't you please share some good things, too? I have another kind of list in front of me, and it's very long, and a bit daunting, slightly scary, because there is so much to be done before our next adventure. I need to travailler my chambre and I must not oublier any errands, chores, or duties.

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Anonymous said...

1. Spending the day with family and neighbors at a surprise birthday BBQ.
2. Making breakfast plans with them for next weekend.
3. Stopping at four yard sales on my drive home from brunch the next morning.
4. Having a three hour dinner with my BFFs since junior high school.
5. Dreaming about food last night. Hmm, wonder where that came from...