Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Paul and Babe Say "Hello"

Yes, it's true, we're deep into the Oregon Trail and stopping at all the best and most important sights.  We have faced a number of obstacles and minor misfortunes, all so that we can better counsel anyone eager to retrace our journey... minus the not good bits.  

Tonight we are eating pasta, meeting Smoky The Bear, then, hopefully, sleeping, in our small tent which has just now snapped a pole... a pole evidently intended to keep the tent from listing to one side. 

Last night Maria floated in the Eel River, and today we ate blackberries we picked at the side of the road. Life is great that way... floppy tents one minute, homemade waffles with your brother, the next.  

Happily looking forward to the rest of this adventure. 


Janece said...

Paul and Babe are icons of my youth... they were kind to remember me and send their regards. ;)

Happy Adventuring Natalie!

Peaches said...

Hope you packed a roll of duck tape.