Monday, August 11, 2014

Five Good Things :: Oregon Trail :: Cambria

We were spellbound by our visit to quaint, and charming Cambria, California. Finally off the interstate, finally enjoying new sights and settling into our explorers mode for this journey to Oregon, we rolled into Cambria and were instantly smitten by old buildings, unique shops, the blurred lines between residences, gardens, and businesses. Then, I felt an irresistible pull onto an unassuming yet particularly inviting side street... Burton Drive. Ancient facades, a bed and breakfast, galleries, and berry brambles, and the sign we all thought most inviting for us BirdHouse residents, Everybirdy Welcome! We could not resist.

We were Spellbound by one particular shop, where we found whimsy, and gardens, thoughtful touches, a warm welcome, and inspiration in every room and corner, inside and out. This wee 1870's homestead has been lovingly furnished with all sorts of garden and kitchen favors, and lots of eye candy. We kept discovering new, and enchanting spaces, with all sorts of delights in the garden... I hesitate to describe them all, because if you can make your way there, half the fun is discovering the charm for yourself. We saw a sign post for make-believe lands... an idea I'd been envisioning for a few years, and it was nice to see how perfect it can look in real life! The herbs and flowers, Oh-the-hollyhocks! Everything smelled warm and soothing, pretty. Even the old homestead floors creaked gently with time worn and comforting ease. William and I were ready to move in, and send out invitations for a tea party. Maria strolled, then skipped down every path. We each wore contented smiles, made inspired mental notes, and eagerly shared our happy impressions with each other. On our way home, nearly at the end of our Oregon Trail, it took a good deal of restraint to not retrace those steps and re-visit the herb and garden shop, Spellbound.

Good Things...

1. Coming home... no harm, no losses, no regrets, full of inspiration and good memories.

2. Celebrating Grandma Eunice's 92 birthday, and Max's 16th birthday in Oregon.

3. My brother, Bill, with Dominic and Marissa, greeting us at the Half Moon Bay campsite and sharing campfire time together.

4. My brother-in-law, Paul, extending his visit to San Diego, and spending some relaxed and fun-filled evenings with him.

5. Brainstorming art-cars, and daydreaming with friends about Burning-Man and Maker Faire.

Have you discovered a new place, an inspiring space, this summer? Are you already daydreaming about next summer? I'd love to hear any of the good things you are enjoying~

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judy in ky said...

It sounds like you found an enchanting place. I want to visit it.