Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Where's Sluggo??

Dear Mom and Dad, 
We cannot thank you enough for your generous Oregon hospitality.  You two look out for us in every way, and you made our adventures on the Oregon Trail even better than we'd hoped for.  

Back at the Bird House we play a game called Find the Cheese.  It started with a cheddar wedge magnet that Lucas gave Max two years ago. The cheese is hidden in our home and the finder gets to hide it, again.  Why does this amuse us, so?  Well, in honor of good fun, and local characters, we hid Sluggo... somewhere in your home!

I'm sure we've left a strong enough (messy enough, loud enough) and lasting impression, so you won't soon forget our time here. But Sluggo will always be around to remind you of our happy visit and our gratitude for the fun we've enjoyed!  Watch where you step! 


Anonymous said...

Cute! Idea... not the slugs, which give me the shudders.

judy in ky said...

There are two Sluggos; did one go home with you?