Tuesday, September 02, 2014

One of Our Cats

While we were on the Oregon trail, my mother-in-law left me a message about Mister Washburn Foo. He's misbehaving, she shared, with concern. He's actually getting on the counter! I tried to sound shocked. I tried to convey a tone of disbelief. I tried to imagine that Foo would put on his company manners, demonstrate a little decorum. But. No. Let's face it, Mister Foo is a mischievous Foo. He is an undisciplined Foo, a do as I may Foo.


Ruth, we apologize. Delia, Rebekah, Janece, Paul M, Eunice, we apologize to you as well. And we thank you for jobs well done, for service under pressure. House sitters and pet sitters are wondrous brave and generous. We at the Bird House are forever indebted to our family and friends, without whom we could not be farmers who travel. Not one cat, but two, and ten chickens, two goats, the fish, and there have been bunnies, rats, and parakeets, too. It's a wonder you all still talk to us!


Alison said...

Yeah, cats find a way to get us to accept the most ridiculous behavior, and we can't help but love them for it.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Well put, Alison.
I didn't even confess about Chango, and lifting him from the floor so he can lap tap water form the bathroom sink. What?? Saying it out loud... it really is ridiculous! And yes, I kinda love him for it.

judy in ky said...

We also have wonderful people, our next door neighbors, who take care of our four indoor cats as well as the little feral colony that lives in our yard and on our deck.

Janece said...

Apologize? Surely you know that's not needed on my account... :) I love your beasties and opportunities like these. And, I can empathize, a little, as well... with Chibi, Muta, Uro, Zeb and Peep.

Anonymous said...

Nor mine, Janece. Thanks for your help. Natalie, I thought at the time that Mr. Foo really missed you guys and was "acting out" a bit. Later, I realized that he really did miss you guys, but was just being his usual adorably mischievous self. My cats have me trained to stir their food for them when it's halfway consumed, to make it taste better, I presume. At least Foo doesn't do that..............or does he??? I heard on NPR that cats see their humans as large cats, as in "why is that big cat peeing in our water supply?" That explains a lot.