Monday, December 01, 2014

Five Good Things

Our friend, and remarkably talented photographer, Patricia, invited me to participate in a Black and White Challenge, on FB. Five photographs shared, in five days. It's been fun taking recent, and older, images and looking at them in a whole new light.

Fez Princess With Tiara~ Maria playing.

Thanksgiving Outside~

Local Color~

Half Moon Bay With Cousins~ Marissa, Dominic, and Maria.

William~ Downtown Corvallis, Oregon.

Good Things...

1. Patricia is not only a good photographer, she also started a blog: You can enjoy her Travel Bits, and follow her and Michael to South Africa, and back!

2. Thanksgiving and Maria's birthday were wonderful... more to come on these subjects!

3. All of your social media pictures, comments and thankful reflections. I really do {mostly} love FB... when we cannot be at the same table, at least we can still share the love and laughter!

4. Carol sent me all the pictures she took at Maria's birthday party... beautiful shots.

5. Our good health, our improving health, healing, remedies, solutions, and prayers.

Not all Mondays are created equal, right? I mean, who doesn't wish it was still Saturday? But I am focused on good things, and good friends, and all the good fun we have to look forward to, like the rain in our forecast, winter break, the smell of pine and tamales, the sight of lights on homes, around trees, and all the beautiful wishes of peace and joy that fill the air this time of year. Happy December! I hope you have good things to enjoy this Monday.

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