Monday, December 22, 2014

Five Good Things

I like to make them stand together, so I can take their picture. They cooperate because they are great that way, and also I found fresh milk to go with their cookies, because I am great that way. {Alex and Bambi, thank you for dashing to the market for fresh milk. You two are great.}

William, Jern and Myalex, Grant, Bambi and Sarah, Maria, Celine, Corey, James, Alexi, Max, and Clark.

Good Things...

1. Ratatouille delivery. Diana, thank you.

2. The homegrown broccoli bouquet from Robin... it was so huge and bodacious, I put it in a vase!

3. The Christmas cards arriving in the mailbox. Maria and I tape each of them to our wall, and it's wonderful seeing them there.

4. Talking about fish and aquariums with Sarah, and Grant.

5. Facing the new week knowing we have wonderful, thoughtful friends, who make anxious days feel more manageable.

Should I add "No school!?" I'm happy for our scholars, who can sleep in, and see friends, make things, play games, read aloud, and relax. I like to think everyone will have some time this week to do the same, to enjoy their own pace, and some of the things that make their holidays merry and bright.


Judy in KY said...

I am in love with your whole family, Natalie. Merry Christmas to all!

Unknown said...

I wish I was your neighbor. Or that you were mine. Your house always seems to be The Place to be. So much fun!