Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Christmas Eve In The Morning

Something I often say, "If you do it two years in a row, it's a tradition." Christmas Eve in the morning, enjoying brunch with Ruth, Holly and Rich, the cousins... this is a lovely tradition! And I really must emphasize how appreciative I am, because it's so easy... for us! Ruth and Holly tackle most of the cooking and prepping, and it's Ruth's home that is sweetly decorated and open to receive the masses. We get to sleep in, then bring drinks, and a dessert, and arrive ready to enjoy a relaxed visit, play, exchange gifts. Ruth hosting Christmas Eve in the morning is the real gift!

The poppers were so charming. The prettiest I've seen, with their Nutcracker theme. And each one had a whistle, and a riddle. The riddles were awful, which was fun and brought a lot of laughter. The eight whistles played different notes, and came with a musical chart. Holly conducted a recital. We were outside, tooting our horns for all the world to enjoy. I am _sure_ we were _awesome_. hahahaha

Yes, the sky was blue, with those wispy feathered clouds. We're spoiled. Naturally, some of us still wish for snow and clouds, but no one should complain about a day this beautiful.

Speaking of two year old traditions... we kept Christmas quiet, at home, and blissfully peaceful. No gifts. No hurries. No stress. Same as last year, when the children voted to make the schedule of opening gifts fit work schedules. Choosing when, and how, to celebrate gives us control, and frees us from doing things rushed, short of time. I love-love-love separating Christmas day from present day! Love it. On the actual day of Christmas we snuck around hiding and wrapping gifts, we did some cleaning, and cooking, and making. We did a lot more to complete the viking tent... like hand sewing ties, then raising the frame. {Honestly, as soon as one person asks about the VanViking tent, I will be giddy with inspiration to write a ridiculously long post, with pictures. Just so you know.} When things slow down, and the family is together with nothing on the agenda but spiritual warmth and gratitude... it makes the whole day feel good. We took the Viking-Swedish inspired dinner that we had planned for Winter Solstice, and enjoyed it for Christmas dinner, in the VanViking tent! It was wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Your celebration looks lovely and relaxed. I think you have the right idea.
That blue sky with the wispy cirrus clouds--sublime!
I've always wanted to see a VanViking tent! :)

warren said...

Say...I think I saw something in one of your posts about some sort of a viking tent or something like to show us more?

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hi Natalie, so good to see what a lovely Christmas you all had! I still have to read the words you wrote, but the photos tell the story too.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

PS: I agree with another commentator and am hoping to see the viking tent! Since I seem to have viking ancestors (my DNA test came back 41% Scandinavian...I think from their invasions of England and northern France) . . .it would be interesting to see!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you, Sara!
Those vikings really did get around, didn't they? We have been trying to focus on the softer, gentler side of viking history, culture, and lore... and just selectively enjoying the happier bits!

Jennifer said...

I love your Christmas Eve in the Morning tradition, just as I love (and have been inspired by) your family's willingness to interpret traditions in ways that feel the most wonderful and aren't bound by *shoulds.* The more I think of "Christmas" beyond the events of one 24-hour period, and more about what happens all season long, the more I enjoy and appreciate it. (Were the Nutcracker crackers homemade?)