Thursday, February 12, 2015

Love in a Bite Sized Treat

This is the bite-sized Valentine Maria is sharing with her classmates this year. It's a teeny brownie with a festive flag pick. Festive and sweet~

Here's how they were made...

Mini condiment cups
Washi tape (also called paper tape)
Cake or brownie batter

When Maria decided to make mini cupcakes for her class party, I suggested we could decorate them with little flags. Working together we made at least forty of them... fun, easy, and cute! We happened to have this washi tape in our craft stash, and toothpicks in our baking drawer. {I suggest using the toothpicks with a decorative finish on the top, so there's only one sharp end. We found ours at Mitsuwa... a terrific quantity, very reasonably priced.}

At first, aligning the tape took a few tries. The paper tape is very forgiving, and even though it holds well, it also can be pulled apart to adjust. Maria liked working with the polka dotted tapes, because they were easier to center by placing the toothpick between rows of dots.

After folding the tape over the toothpick, we trimmed the end. A pennant cut looks pretty, too. Just snip out a triangle shape from the end.


We found the condiment cups at Smart & Final. And the brownie mix is Trader Joe's Truffle Brownie mix. {Have you tried TJ's Truffle Brownies? These bite sized treats are scrumptious!} Each cup held about three teaspoons of batter... and the ones with more tended to overflow... a tasty mess!

Maria is very excited to be giving each school friend a small token of her esteem, and one for teacher, too.

{And yes, we did do a test run with cake batter. Obviously they bake quicker than a full size cake, so don't step away from the oven for too long. We love the mini-many decorating options for these wee treats.}


Janece said...

I was just thinking, earlier this week, about you and Maria and the always inventive and sweet Valentine's you two create! These are adorable! The little tape flags are genius!

Thanks for sharing this - I like seeing how you do the awesome, creative voodoo that you do! :D

Robin Follette said...

Wow! That's the perfect size. They look delicious!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

They are the perfect size... For eating two, or six. lol

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Creative Voodoo!!? I need some magic right now... I've got heatwave-wind fatigue. So lazy!!

Jennifer said...

I can imagine how beloved these must have been! Lovely all around~~