Thursday, May 07, 2015

Yarn Quest

Before leaving Portland, I was eager to get my hands on some yarn. I find it really helps to get absorbed, hands and mind, in something meditative when I am in an airplane. It helps to be sewing, or crocheting, during take-off, during landing, during the time when you can't get to the bathroom, because the tiny cart with salted nuts and Bloody Mary's is soothing everyone else's nerves. Yes, for all those times, I need yarn! What a stroke of good fortune and timing, I found Close Knit, and an UltraPima cotton yarn, in teal. The only disappointing part is there were only 4 skeins. I'm a goof. Why even start something, like a shawl, when I know I am going to come up short? It's just that I really enjoy the pattern, and couldn't resist diving in. I've already finished with all but one ball of yarn... now begins a second quest, for more yarn, in this corner of the country. I kind of love these minor catastrophes, these suburban trials, with no greater consequence than a smaller-than-hoped-for shawl. I raise my righteous fist of obsessive craftiness, and declare myself genuinely goofy!

*9:08 am Update*
The yarn is all gone, and I am only inches from finishing the end of a row! If I cannot find the same yarn, then I'll have to frog the entire last row, for lack of inches!?! Oh woe is me with such vexing perils.

**Friday Update**
So. I found the one store in our area that was listed as a carrier by the manufacturer of my yarn. Unfortunately, they don't carry the color I need. The woman on the phone was sympathetic... which is lovely, and she suggested I visit the "Knit and Crochet Community Ravelry. Apparently, people in that group sell their extra skeins of yarn. I've known about Ravelry, but have never joined, because I am shy, and have a terrible penchant for self-depricating humor, which causes me to mire in a tangle of insecurity and self doubt. Or is it that my insecurity and self doubt feed my self-deprecating humor? Either way, I have never felt Ravelry worthy. Flarkus, am I stuck with a shawl that is too small?

***Minutes Later, Since the Last Update, Update***
I Googled the yarn company, so I could do another search for my yarn, and the very first hit I opened was for "America's Yarn Store," and what do you think?? Of course, they have it, and it's on sale, and I've ordered four more skeins! Basically, this illustrates the very thing Geoff was explaining to me in 1991: "The Internet will be a web-based shopping center where everyone will buy and sell anything you can think of." And when he said this, I laughed and laughed, and asked him to read me more Dan Quayle quotes, because in 1991, that was all the Internet was really any good for... which shows you why I pay much closer attention to things Geoff tells me about the future. You guys, you can buy anything from the web-based shopping center that is the Internet!

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