Monday, July 27, 2015

Five Good Things

Sewing again! It's the same simple dress I drafted for Maria 6 years ago, and a second time when I wanted her to have something light and cool for Hawaii. This time I want to honor the original inspiration for the dress... the beautiful embroidered dresses from Mexico. So, I've cut the yoke and sleeves. I love using freezer paper to make my own patterns; it's convenient and practical. Then I turned the edge over, twice, at the neckline, hand stitched that in place, and then added simple blanket stitch and crocheted that edge. Now, embroidery. In my usual eager style, I sketched some forms and grabbed some embroidery floss... stitch-stich-stitch and... I already want to start over. I'm not happy with the colors, the shapes, the pattern. It's so hard to stitch in mirror... making the left look like the right. Even if I do start over, I won't be too disappointed by the extra work... I need the practice, obviously. I'll tell you what's easier, and more instantly gratifying: Pinning beautiful embroidered work on Pinterest! {I am so good at that!}

Good Things...

1. I finally made it to one of the monthly Mom's Night Out gatherings. We're approaching a nineteenth anniversary. Lovely women, who care deeply and share generously.

2. Learning to be patient... though I admit this is something I can still work on.

3. Another successful dance performance for Maria; this time at a wedding. The special bonus was being with Emma and Priscilla.

4. 1.5 minute showers... three times a day, to beat the heat.

5. Talking to my cousin Priscilla about college visit strategies, as a parent... questions I can ask, services I can look for. She helped me expand my expectations, and release some self-doubt.

Who about you? Still feeling summer bliss? I hope there is good in every day for you.

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susan said...

You are amazing! The detail in this dress is just beautiful, and all done by hand. You are truly an artist. And, yes, I'm still feeling summer bliss, although it's supposed to be in the nineties with high humidity all week, so maybe you should ask me again on Friday!