Thursday, August 20, 2015

Handmade Onigiri

It was nice of enough of Lani to invite me out, but she raised the bar when she brought me a gift from her trip to San Diego. I wish I could have joined her when she ran an errand to Ikea, then stopped for bento. Do you know bento? It's both lunch and art in Japan... and it can get downright adorable. Lani and I texted back and forth... I asked her to please ask me again, next time she goes, and mentioned my craving for onigiri! Do you know onigiri, or musubi? They're white rice formed into shapes, like triangles, or cylinders, and wrapped in nori. I lovelovelove onigiri with pickled plum, and furikake! Lani brought me a mold for making onigiri! That was so sweet of her!

Maria and I were looking over the package and noticed the little anthropomorphic onigiri character on the label. It's very kawaii. Do you know kawaii? Think adorable, cute, lovable. There is a lot of kawaii out there! This little Onigiri Guy gave me an idea...

Handmade onigiri! Made with French knots rice, and satin-chain stitched nori!

The hardest part was deciding where to put him when he was done. Since he's a tasty snack, I decided to add him to a snack bag. These bags are fun to make. I made this one lined. Also, I enjoyed trying my hand at some sashiko stitching.

It's a good thing I was dressed in a pretty skirt yesterday...
I couldn't possibly do housework in a pretty skirt.
Obviously, I had to sew, instead!

{Maria wants a whole bento box of handmade embroidered kawaii treats... what have I started??}


Lani said...

That is the cutest snack bag ever! There is a ton of bento paraphernalia in the shops near Convoy just waiting for you! We could bring the girls but they may shop us bankrupt. Enjoy your nigiri.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Between the Totoro school bags and bento box kits... yeah, it could be financial ruin!