Monday, September 14, 2015

Five Good Things... an exercise in hope and faith

There is a gorgeous fountain in the business center where Maria has a class, and have I mentioned we are in a heat wave??
1. I am proud of myself for not sitting in the fountain.
2. There aren't any No Swimming in our gorgeous fountain signs posted, but oops there are No Photography signs posted.

Janece and I went on a walk, and on the way out it felt good and invigorating, and we saw lovely sights and were pleased, but on the return we were pitiful and bedraggled and other adjectives.
It was simply too hot. Much too hot.

So, yes, our FB feeds are full of witty, and desperate, posts about heat, misery, sleepless nights, sweat buckets etc.
Scientists have discovered that open whining, grousing, moaning, and sighing loudly reduces your risk of heat stroke and/or criminal behavior.
I invite all of my friends to lay it on thick! It helps!

But. We have much to look forward to, and even good things now. Last night I was scurrying through the market, buying up easy meals, cold things, and other staples. And lo! The pumpkins are here! It's happening. I took pictures, because... come on! You know me by now. I took pictures, because it's what I do, and the thought in my head needed a visual reminder: Good things are coming, you'll see.

If you could, please say a prayer, think good thoughts, smile at the sky, whatever works for you, just do this with Geoff in mind, please. Because, today he is going through something, all over again, that we hope will restore his health, and bring his heart into a happier, healthier rhythm. The second time around makes me realize that ignorance was bliss, so now we know what's ahead, well... it's harder.

Good things...

1. Good doctors, great facilities, caring people, our helpful and compassionate children, friends on hand that make a comforting safety net.

2. Our Maker Faire application has been accepted. "Officially," this time.

3. Love. Hope. Faith, and convenience foods, like those breakfast muffins from Trader Joes that the children love so much, because love, faith and hope can't run on an empty stomach.

4. They Might Be Giants singing Put A Little Birdhouse in Your Soul."

5. Talking to Geoff about all the things we will do, might do, want to do, dream of doing.


Anonymous said...

Very much holding Geoff in our hearts and thoughts -- and all of you. (And I'm not really anonymous -- it is I, Jennifer W., from Massachusetts, just having my usual signing in problems)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

In your hearts and thoughts is a comforting place to be... Thank you for this thoughtful support.