Saturday, September 05, 2015

Mixed Feelings

We have two applications sent in for the San Diego Maker Faire, and we are in talks to bring even more of our Make Club flavor for the two day event. Now, all we have to do is get ready... and do, please read that with the uncertainty, mild stress, and bewilderment befitting us facing a new, big, and elaborate undertaking. I think the picture of my sewing and needle case beautifully illustrates how frayed and tangled I can be, any typical day of the week, so when facing extra challenges... well, I am feeling a bit doubtful, overwhelmed, excited. Sure, I admit it, there's a bit of a thrill in the chaos and uncertainty.

And since the house is in a state (the usual state, really) and we have projects to complete, projects to start, and projects to propose, I went ahead and invited friends over for a casual Stitch-n-Bitch-Hot Glue-Metal Welding-Wool Felting-Snack Nomming get together.

Honestly, my reclusive introvert side never knows what to make of my wild for STEAM side. Inside my head, it sounds something like this...

Reclusive Introvert: We should close the doors, draw the curtains, finish the Tentacle, make a list of supplies, and organize our embroidery floss.

Wild For STEAM: Sure, sounds fine, but let's invite everyone who likes to code, likes wood, metal, threads, wool, glue, glitter, food, and robots, and see if they'd like to help set up a Viking tent and a 6' tall pneumatic tentacle in Balboa Park, and we can grill burgers, or make it a potluck! This will be awesome.

Reclusive Introvert: But. But. But. What if they actually want to come??

Wild For STEAM: This is going to be great. We can eat noms, and make crafts, and chat, and people will learn about Maker Faire, and we can get help from our Young Makers, and everyone will share ideas!

Reclusive Introvert: We have to nap, before they come... and... and...

Wild For STEAM: Trust me.

Reclusive Introvert: OhmyGod.

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Janece said...

I so get this teeter-totter of emotions. And, I know that I love every invitation we receive from you! It's always a treat to go be with and participate with the Vans.