Thursday, October 08, 2015


In the midst of life's bumps and bruises, when I feel less than capable and more than a bit worn, I want to dispel doubts, vanquish foes, and revel in the love and gratitude I have for all that is beautiful, worthwhile, and good. Hope lives... in children, and pets, in safe places, and comforting spaces, in 390 volunteers arriving at a school to make things nicer, in children raising enough funds to bring 44 goats to Burundi, in a car repaired, a task accomplished, another meal served, in being contacted with an offer of support, in a ride shared, a back scratched. Little things, great things, moments that are too precious to be overlooked... thank God for these.


April, Jennifer, Carol said...

yes indeed. <3

Anonymous said...

<3 I love you, mamma


Janece said...

Wonderful reminders to be mindful and look at the world around us with open eyes and heart. Thank you for your marvelous list -- which suddenly, when added to the list I have, made the world feel abundant and most gracious. <3