Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Greetings & Gratitude

Here is the happy sight that met me when I came downstairs last week. Is it art? Yes. Yes, it is art. It's also a fine example of how little it takes to amuse me, and I am thankful for this gift.

William began a Thanksgiving menu; part grocery list, part recipe list, and wholly inspiring. Vegetarian Yorkshire pudding? It's on the list. I think we should schedule a test run for some of these recipes. I am looking forward to trying the pumpkin soup Bambi made for Alex, and I am even considering having a go at that fancy cranberry relish I love so much. One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is hearing people talk about their favorite dishes and traditions. They get so enthused, even defensive, when explaining why it's not official without one particular dish, like dressing, or pecan pie, or never-never-never add marshmallows to the yams, or definitely do! I love these stories, these treasured sentiments. My own Thanksgiving isn't official until someone has shared an impassioned anecdote about their favorite green bean recipe, or the best mashed potatoes!

I love Thanksgiving. I think I immerse myself in it all month long {while I also try to suppress my bursting Christmas enthusiasm.} Today, Veteran's Day, feels like a good time to begin my deeper reflections on gratitude, to highlight some particularly special things that I appreciate... like planning for the holidays with grocery lists, revisiting traditions, and tidying up for guests. There are men and women who have done brave things, made small and great sacrifices, and I wish that they could enjoy our respect and gratitude everyday, but I am happy to pause on this day especially and say, Thank you. You've done so much for our freedoms, for our everyday lives, and ordinary pleasures. I cannot take any of this for granted. I hesitate to single someone out, because he's a modest man, but... Hans, you bring tremendous integrity and honor to everything you do. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

When I was a young newlywed I wanted to impress my husband's family with one of the very few things I knew how to make for Thanksgiving - pumpkin pie. I didn't stir the filling enough and the egg yolk didn't break and mix in. When they bit into their pie, they found slices of hard boiled egg. Sooo embarrassing.