Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Late Autumn Survival Tips

This is the quintessential and ultimate survival guide for the deep chill of this late autumn season (in Southern California, from a woman who lived through the Great Halloween Blizzard of 1991, in Minnesota... I am pretty much like an expert authority.)

1. Wear socks. Your flip flops are not enough any more. Face it, dude, you need extra layers, so grab your knee highs and work it!

2. Sweaters. Jackets. Parkas. Flannel. Wool. Hoodies. You have them, there, in the back of your closet. Bring 'em out. No shame. We all have to do this, because baby, it's cold outside.

3. Surfing, SUP, boogie boarding... it's cool, and sometimes we don't know when to quit, so if you're still out there, riding the long waves consider getting into a wetsuit. I've been local for forty-eight years, and putting wetsuits on my own children never occurred to me. Not in October, not in November. But my cousin, Gabe, taught me a good thing: Wetsuits make the autumn surf comfortable! Gabe, I cannot thank you enough, Dude!

4. FOOD! If you aren't cooking, then I suggest you follow a local, particularly surfers, because they will lead to where the food is tasty, and plentiful. Knowing where the tortillas are hot, the salsa fresh, and the carnitas are savory is a key skill in surviving inclement weather, and hanger pangs.

5. Favorite food.

6. Comfort food.

7. Healthy food.

8. Sharing food.

Alex and Bambi shared their kitchen skills and made Alton Brown's Whole Pumpkin Pie Soup. It was hot, savory, and delicious.

These greens are for Maria's favorite soup... it involves carrots, leeks, spinach, chard, kale, broccoli, and some cheddar cheese. She calls it Confetti Soup! {Time for a recipe, I know.}

A baguette, some olive oil... and a hot pan. We enjoyed this with bruschetta, artichokes, and hot chocolate.

Café con leche, una concha... comfort and joy.

Last tips, a bonus: Get outside and dance on fallen leaves crunch-crunch-crunch! Meet friends, and share hugs and news, make plans. Sink into a favorite book, a favorite movie, a favorite indulgence. Tell jokes. Light candles. Play.


Janece said...

Yes to all this and an extra hearty yes to the Confetti Soup recipe!! :)

Jennifer said...

Every bit of wonderful, right here! We are hoping to get our happy-fall on over this Thanksgiving break -- embrace it, revel in it, and immerse ourselves entirely. Thank you for the inspiration!