Thursday, December 03, 2015

We Brought Douglas Fir Home For Christmas

Max, and William, Maria, and Alex... and our spontaneous visit to the tree lot on a cold school night, after homework.

We called Geoff and asked what he thought about us going out to look at Christmas trees. Would he be sorry to miss the venture? He said, "Just be sure to pick something awesome." And so, with his blessing and directive, we ventured forth.

"Have I ever done this before?" Maria asked as we crossed the parking lot, inhaling evergreen nostalgia. Has she? Yes. But it's been so long since the last time we brought home a cut tree, that the whole scene felt brand new. We've bought fruit trees, and other living trees, tried to deal with an artificial tree (or Foo-Tree, as it's come to be known), and sometimes just enjoyed evergreen garlands. For Geoff's sake, and to make long memories of enjoying this (lapsed) tradition, I took lots of pictures.

Only three trees were serious contenders. There doesn't seem to be much dissension in our party, and the final decision came so easily, so quickly, that we agreed to look around some more, just to extend our enjoyment.

I sent this picture to Geoff, with the subject reading "Nordman fir." That's a new one to me. Looks a bit Noble, and a bit Frasier. It was pretty. It didn't have a fragrance, though. I am usually the lone Noble fir enthusiast, and so far no one has joined me in my ironic-affection for flocked trees. (I cannot explain my fascination with this extreme faux variety of Christmas tree. It makes me cringe to imagine what kind of chemical-environmental nightmare all that fake white fluff is made of. Even as a child I found them the ultimate in crass and gaudy, but maybe I also, deep down, harbor a wishful longing to bring a winter wonderland into our holidays. Sigh. Do you suppose the crunchy-granola type environmentalists have developed a flocking material that reduces carbon emissions, decomposes into soil conditioner, and supports orphaned kittens? Because, sign me up for that!)

We debated wether or not the building supply store blows in winter weather for seasonal effect, because it felt cold enough for real snow in that parking lot.

Posing with Nordman.

Even though we were looking around, we already knew Douglas Fir, 6'5", trim, good smelling, not too bald, handsome and kind, would be coming to our home for the holidays.

In line, with Douglas, for a trim.

We were really eager to see how Mister Foo, our polka spotted kitty, would react to 6' 5" of evergreen nature coming into his home! Alex is insistent that we bring back Foo's tree, from the year when he was The Foo Who Stole Christmas!

Doug took up a lot of the back seat, and stretched clear up to the front, but was otherwise a polite and quiet passenger. And now we have a beautiful tree in our Bird House. It smells lovely, and inspires quiet reflection, happy gatherings, and wild snowball fights, but that's another story!


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Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Gracias, Alicia.
Me gusta las preparaciones... todos los pasitos llegando a la Noche Buena.

Jenny said...

Hello Natalie! Just checking in a catching up on lots of posts I've missed. Good to see you and all those darling kids of yours. Maria is looking so grown up!

Jenny (from Audrey Finch - a long time ago!)

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

ohmygosh! It's so good to see your name, to hear from you.
You've caught me right on the brink of seriously thinking it's time to
retire from this gig, because I miss the company. Thank you for dropping by, for commenting.
So, do you think of returning to Audrey Finch? Is there life after blogging? Hope you're doing fantastically~