Tuesday, January 05, 2016


WIP inventory and stash sorting... after months and months of crocheting on the go, I seem to have amassed three bags of works in progress, and a lot of confusion, hooks, snippets, tangles, three shawls, a scarf, and the granny square blanket squares. My sister-in-law gave me new skeins for my birthday, including some of that yummy Angel Hair by buttercream. Another scarf, coming up! I want to finish all of it, each of them... you know what I mean. And that's a nice feeling, rather than having no interest, being bored by it all. But, it's time to asses what's needed, to make some plans, and get organized. {Again}

The blanket demands the most assessing and planning. I jumped in, full of enthusiasm and no idea where I was going! How many squares will I need? How many of each different pattern, color? {It was fun trying new patterns of colors and ratios, but now I have an absolute randomness assortment.} One thing I am insisting on: I will make a large blanket. I have plenty of quilts and afghans that are two feet too short. I can call them "wraps," or "lap" blankets, but that trick is wearing thin, and the taller people in this house would appreciate long, wide, full sized blankets, and I agree with them.

Barely three skeins left, so this WIP definitely calls for going back to the store, hoping they have more in stock, and that they are fabulously discounted. {It can't hurt to hope.}

I also photographed the details about the yarn, because the wrapper will get tossed... it's inevitable. And I photographed the hook, because those get lost, too, and I can never remember what size hook I was using with any given project. {Please, tell me I am not alone.}

Everything laid out. 47 squares. 1 square on the hook. 6 squares by 8 squares? 7 squares by 7 squares? There need to be a lot more squares!

With what I have so far, let's see if we can start to see something pleasing...

My hope is to make the most of the squares I have made, so I don't have too much that I cannot use. {I really did get carried away with playing around with the different color ratios.}

This has a lot of potential. Darker center, optimal use of what's on hand. And... it's obvious I need to make a lot more squares... not surprising.

Missing, I count:
8 medium raspberry Completed January 13.
2 dark gray Completed January 4th.
11 pink Completed January 9th.
3 gray(2) dk raspberry(2) pink(2) Completed February 16.
3 gray(2) dk raspberry(1) pink(3) Completed February 17

47 squares (done) + 27 (to go) = 74 squares + binding stitches, and a border(?)
68 squares (done) + 6 (to go) = 74 squares + binding stitches, and a border(?) January 13

**Update :: January 13**
Now I see that the pattern definitely requires at least two more squares all the way around, which would be what? Thirty-six for one pass, and forty for another?! I can get no more than five squares per skein, so that adds up to fifteen?? more skeins?? In other words the most expensive blanket in the world? How do knitters do it? Never mind... It seems to me that lap blankets are quite lovely, good for winter comfort, and summer nights, after all.

Will that be long enough? Maybe I will add squares on either end. Or maybe I'll make a lap blanket.

Here is the tutorial I used for the granny squares. And I do see that learning how to block my squares is absolutely essential. Any tutorials or tips you can share on blocking will be most welcome, thank you!

**Update :: January 31**
Long delay, because I ran out of the pink yarn. Was loath to make the long drive to the craft store that sells this particular brand. But! Lo! And Yeah! Jo-Anns sent coupons for their online yarn sale, and now I have some pink yarn ordered. It will be another week before it arrives, but then I'll be back to finishing squares, again.

**Update :: February 16**
At last the new yarn was delivered, so I can pick up where I left off. Time to finish: 3 gray(2) dk raspberry(2) pink(2), then
3 gray(2) dk raspberry(1) pink(3)

**Update :: February 18**
Gah! Now what??


Sylvia said...

Wonderful beginnings, Natalie! To quote you: "Never give up"... go for the afghan!

Do you know about the website called Ravelry.com? It's a fantastic resource for primarily knitters and crocheters, but also for those who weave, spin, sew, quilt and probably more! You can search an amazing database of patterns, yarns, forums, and so much more. I use it to keep track of all my projects, stash, needles and hooks, favorites, ideas.... If you have questions, it's the perfect resource. Using it is free, you just need to sign up. I've learned so much from using this site. If you join, I'm SylviePB!

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you, Sylvia. I cannot understand how I've stayed off of Ravelry!
It's time, and I will look for you there.

Alicia said...


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Gracias, Alicia... muy amable.