Monday, February 29, 2016

Good February, Almost March

When Maria and I brought William to the salvage shop, we knew he had to meet Patina, the macska who lives there. She is very old, and very sweet. It seems to me the best places and shops have a resident cat, or dog, or chickens!

We made a few stops that day.

Meanwhile, back at home, we have been waiting for rain, gazing at blue skies, counting blossoms and eggs, baking bread, mixing chores with fun, and fun with friends...

And when the weekend comes around, eggs + loaves = Dutch Toast. It'd been a long time since we last made this favorite. Maria was eager to learn how to make our French toast recipe, which we call Dutch, when it's made with the Dutch oven bread. I think she's mastered it. We had a wonderful breakfast.

Saturday was the longest day... nicely so. It had the distinction of filling up with good things, but was not rushed, not overwhelming. It had the distinction of Geoff coming home from work before dark. {I like the puzzled way we each felt and looked when we saw him, because it was so surprising to have him home.} So, yes... Saturday was long and good, and full of many things, like cooking, planting, juicing lemons, filming a short movie, having Celine and James around, re-thinking a fix for our dead pool, procuring the last supplies needed to finish the fence, ordering the celebratory Geoff is out of crunch-mode pizza that we've been longing for!

Making, playing, digging, sculpting, planting... until dark, when we settled down with our veggie gourmet pizza, and began watching Cooked, the NetFlix original series based on Michael Pollan's book, Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation. We watched Fire, then Water. We paused the program whenever we were struck by a concept, or had something to add... which is something I just love about watching movies, and programs at home; the choice to make it an interactive experience. Cooked is worthy of being that... it should be an interactive experience. Let me know if you've seen it, and let's chat, yes? Or cook! I think we all wanted to cook, or eat, more. But even the longest day was drawing to a close.

And this month, too. Funny February, our short, sometimes longer month. It has been good. Now, it's almost March, and that will be good, too.


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Tracy Batchelder said...

That bread looks so good! And then turning it into French (Dutch) toast puts it over the top for me. Looks like you had a very productive and fun Saturday. My husband and I have watched the first episode of Cooked (Fire). I had quite a few things to say during the show, too...on the parts I disagreed with.