Friday, March 11, 2016

Goat, Goat, Chicken, Girl, Goat

The other day Ada whispered in my ear, "You've posted sixty-nine pictures of cats, flowers, birds, tortillas, mud, and Tasha. And what about me?" She wasn't exactly whining about the oversight, just a bit flummoxed, which is understandable. I didn't bother trying to explain to her that she is hard to photograph, that she moves into the lens, nibbles the camera strap, turns her back on me, or has her head deep in her hay trough. Instead, I assured her that we were specifically saving Picture # Seventy especially for her, that we wanted to follow it with an entire photo essay, featuring her, at play, with friends, just being her naturally beautiful goatself.

I guess she thought I was only placating her... "Pffft."

Honestly, Ada, this is your post. Today you are the star. And everyday, you are our dear goater, our darling fatty goat, pushy, nibbly, talk-talk-talkity ginger goat.

Ada and Friends

I wish this activity were easier to photograph. They initiate their stand and head-butt game at regular intervals, especially when they are out in the yard, and have spectators. It looks hilarious and sounds awful! They don't hold back, crashing foreheads at full force. It creates shockwaves.

Ada's eye. This picture is cracks me up, all because of her look. Ok, and her stance, and those hanging legs, and the belly. Tasha's all "Nah. I'm not feeling it."

Tasha is way more laid back.

Ada talks more, eats more, pushes more, bosses more. Oh my goats, I love her face.

"Hey. Hey, come here," she whispers, "I want to tell you something: burrp." She nuzzles close to me, then belches in my ear.

We love you, Ada Lovelace Goat.

We love you... even when you want to nibble our skirts, our shirts, our boots, our buckles, our tools, our pencils, our books.

Double trouble!

We love you both, goats. The chickens might have a few choice words to describe your behaviors, but we all manage to work things out.

And there they go! When their heads meet, the air reverberates.

The chickens stay clear of goat games.

And Maria reminds them that she is not into goat games, either! The sun sets, everyone meets at the run, where they know treats are coming. We toss them oats and pellets, tuck them in, lock them up. And say goodnight.


Alicia said...


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Puro juego! No se porque les gustan hacerlo... pero no es nada de enojadas.

Anonymous said...

Those are decidedly plump goats! They look wonderful - do you milk them? I'd love to have a goat but can't imagine what Flora Puddleduck would say if I introduced one into 'her' garden - let alone what the collies would make of it! Yours look like real characters - great photos.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Ada is decidedly plump, but it's a ruminant thing, and she actually looks slim compared to other goats we've met. Tasha is slender. Sometimes I wish we were milking them, other times... when I am in over my head with other projects and *life* then I am relieved we don't have to worry about once or twice daily milking. But, it's still tempting! Flora and the collies would be in for some lively times if a goat moved in, because they really are characters!

Anonymous said...

I never knew that you could keep girl goats and not have to milk them. I always thought they were like cows - but is something to do with keeping them in calf? I almost married a farmer (a very long time ago), so these things have always remained a mystery to me. I'll have to google it!! Flora is quite amorous at the moment (Spring in the air etc) and has spent the afternoon chasing Belle around the garden! It really should be the other way around - it's been so funny. Hope you've had a great weekend.