Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Color Play :: One Hundred Sixteen

I tell Geoff, "I'm 3D printing," because he's into that. And layer by layer, with hook and yarn, I am building something. The trouble is I don't have colors I am convinced of, in love with, so I've frogged almost as much as I have printed. And that is frustrating. In my alternate universe I have sponsors and patrons, and publishing deals, and every color of the best yarns, so I can be greedy and amused and make shawls and shawls and shawls. In the mean time, crocheting, even when I decide to pull something apart, still makes me happy, calm, safe, thankful, mindful, content.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.


Tracy Batchelder said...

It's important to work with colors that speak to your heart for full enjoyment of the process. Looks like you've got a good combo picked out for this shawl.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Thank you! I was about to give up, but William saw it with two rows of the mustard on the blue, and said, "It's my favorite one!"