Sunday, April 17, 2016

One Day :: April 10

When my hard drive died, I had to breath deeply and let go. I was facing the possibility of losing 56,000 photographs, from just one of my iPhoto albums. I have four albums, dating back to 2002. We do have some things backed-up, and I will spare you the details, and drama, but it wasn't looking too good. My biggest consolation was Chickenblog. I would panic, or feel a grief pang welling up, then I would remind myself... you have Chickenblog. It cannot all be lost, because you post so much there.

We can cut to the happy ending. Between Geoff and Apple, my Mac is restored. Nothing was lost, and of course we are redoubling our efforts to save, save, save. And I was struck by something else, as much as I {over} share on this blog, and in FB, there is far, far more that I leave out. In fact, I do not publish my best photographs, my favorites, the more intimate family moments, and dear memories. Believe it, or not, I actually do exercise a modicum of respect for my children's privacy, and keep more personal occasions off the Internet. William and I were scrolling through the archives of our photographs, and were pretty relieved to find that we had not lost some special treasures. Now, I want to figure out which direction to take for the future... publish more, print more, carry on as usual?

Here's a {small} bit of a day I would not want to forget, the photographs I would be sorry to lose... It began with Scooby Do Lego play, me and Maria goofing together, visiting the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum, and a feed store, walking the boardwalk and pier in Oceanside, then home to work on the pumpkin patch, and into the night by torchlight.

It's not about perfect record keeping, or the things we collect, but I am so thankful for the glimpses, the captured reminders, that recall all the goodness, the days I love, being with my loved ones.


Alicia said...

EL MAR....

Tracy Batchelder said...

I know what you mean about losing your photos. I used to do my own backups, but now I pay Carbonite to do it. It's worth it to me.