Monday, May 16, 2016

Down By The Bay :: One Hundred Thirty Six

This is today's Picture... visiting hermit crabs, snails and other tidal pool creatures living along the bay.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

The rest of the story...

We enjoyed an afternoon down by the Bay... Mission Bay. It turned out to be one of those occasions that catches me off-guard. Not sure if that's the expression I want. My thinking goes something like this... I didn't give this enough advanced thought, and the pleasure and fun of the outing was almost missed. Geoff said something about meeting friends from work, but we knew we couldn't stay long, so it was just going to be a quick 'hello' kind of thing. I didn't think to bring food, or drinks, or even the right shoes. Maybe I am too caught up in a smaller routine, or maybe life is a bit revved up at the moment, making my thoughts distracted, and energy thinned out.

Honestly, my reaction bounced back and forth between I didn't do this right! and Gosh, what a beautiful day, nice friends, lovely pastime... nothing's amiss. The latter feelings prevailed, thankfully. The day was beautiful, the weather was moody, and interesting to observe. Maria found friends she sees only occasionally, but children have that happy ability to slip right back into a comfortable engagement. Maria, Kayla and Serena were right back to the easy play and exchanges they enjoyed the last time they met.

'No supplies' was 'no problem,' and the children found their own amusements and activities. Patrick had a tennis ball, someone brought a Frisbee, Maria had a small pail. And of course there were those hermit crabs, shells, stones, kelp, and bits of this and that. We had the views, as far as La Jolla, Pacific Beach, and even of the San Diego finish of the Tour of California, cycling event. We watched the cyclists cross the bridge, heard the cheering crowds. People boating and fishing, pelicans and seals, and eventually the gathering clouds and light sprinkles. There was a lot to take in.

This one they named Barnacle Bob.

And everyone took turns observing the Frisbee tide pool, before all the residents were returned to their larger, natural home.

Of course we stayed longer, later, than we'd planned. Things at home were fine, after all, and we rescheduled this and that. It turns out being caught off-guard can be a good thing... seeing friends, laughing, roasting marshmallows, exchanging ideas, catching up, all very good. If I cannot exactly plan unexpected moments and occasions, I hope to at least appreciate more of them as they come along.

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Tracy Batchelder said...

Unplanned, unexpected fun--those kind of days are the best!