Saturday, May 07, 2016

Undertones :: One Hundred Twenty Seven

Both of Alex's submissions to his school's art show can be seen... the landscape watercolor painting of a cypress tree at sunset, and his sculpture Raenah. Raenah was awarded the blue ribbon for sculpture. There were about a thousand entries submitted for the all-media juried student art awards show, and only _______ accepted into the show. Janece and I enjoyed seeing all of the art. I was especially happy to be there for the awards ceremony.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.


  1. lol... I meant to ask Alex to remind me how many pieces were finally accepted... Now he's out of town without a cell phone. {Suddenly I think I understand the nightmare I had about being stranded at a beach and struggling to communicate my location to Geoff! Ok. I'm kind of sleepy so prolly I should not be typing any more)

  2. Congratulations Alex -- beautiful work, well done. Looking forward to seeing more~~~

  3. A well-deserved award - that Raenah sculpture piece is pure art and the painting is awesome too. That's some talent - stick at it Alex - you're VERY good!

  4. Well done, Alex. Congratulations!


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