Monday, August 22, 2016

Hello Sixth Graders :: Two Hundred Thirty Six

More than a new grade, and a new year, a whole new environment is in store for Maria and her classmates... they have what almost looks like a brand new school! All of the upgrades and new classrooms look inviting, open, pretty, and smart, even increasing the original charm and warmth of their sweet school. Love the added trees! "Like a tech company! Geoff replied to the pictures I sent him. These whiz kids deserve the best: Bright, innovative, fun and intelligent learning spaces, just like them! Maria met it all with big smiles, and an eagerness to join her friends, meet the new teacher, and begin, again.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

Last night Maria turned to her brother for some advice on starting a new school year, "What do you do when you start a new grade?" Max's reply was succinct, insightful, reassuring... he pretty much relieved her of her concerns, and worries. Be eloquent, he suggested. You may not feel prepared, but your are experienced, so use what you know to reason, and you will figure everything out. He had a number of personal, encouraging, suggestions for Maria. Alex and Bambi gave Maria a brand new pocket journal, from Daiso, so you know it's adorable. Maria loves journals and notebooks. It went straight into her freshly packed school bag. William woke up early to sit with her while she ate her breakfast. "I love my brothers," she told me during our goodnight hug, "They're nice, and they make me feel so proud, and better about everything."

The first picture... showed a bit of those first day jitters. She looked serious, a bit worried. I won't post it. Then I got her to smile a bit... then I really messed with her! Show me your gang signs! Let's see you get funky!

Yeah... I think this is going to be a great new year! Lots of love, lots of support, friends, some challenges, and successes, and just enough weird, to make it all come out good.

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