Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Summer Sing Along :: Two Hundred Sixteen

We asked Leo to please play another concert for us, this time with his new piccolo, but we forgot that Mister Foo is a music aficionado, too. When Maria used to practice her recorder lessons, Foo would rush to be by her side, then he would meow. He'd circle around her, eagerly, and meow and meow, as long as she played. Well, we were reminded all about Mister Foo's sing-along habit when Leo started playing his piccolo! If our kitty has "rhythm," it's his own beat, and his meows aren't exactly melodic or harmonious, but his earnest enthusiasm comes meowing through! Maybe Mister Foo should be at band camp, too.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

And for as long as Leo played, Foo was in rapture.

I like to pretend he's in the middle of his aria.

And being a good dad, Mister Foo inspired Cairo's appreciation for music.

And Leo, you are not only a talented musician, and welcome friend, you are a good sport, too!

Before Leo came by, we were in the garden harvesting tomatoes and peppers. You see a lot of teeny Spoon tomatoes, and the Roma shaped, green striped Michael Pollan tomatoes, plus some golden cherry tomatoes. Oh, and a curious kitten, too.

Maria and I were taking advantage of this narrow strip of shade, where we could sort, clean, and rinse our harvest. The added benefit being the company of Foo and Cairo. It seems their interests are in music and gardening!

It took a while to get the hose to run cool water. I let the garden around the guavas enjoy a deep soaking, and the water from rinsing the tomatoes and bell peppers was shared between the mint, the blueberries, and the hollyhocks.

Cairo... silly.

Maria wants to keep some of the stripy tomatoes for fresh eating, but I think we will be roasting peppers and tomatoes today. We have plenty for all tastes.

Last night we roasted all of the golden cherry tomatoes for dinner. With garlic and olive oil on onion bagels, those were delicious!

And the spoon tomatoes... they are tiny and sweet, if Maria doesn't finish them by snacking, maybe we'll top them on a garden pizza.

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Tracy Batchelder said...

That funny Foo--so cute! Love all those tomatoes. Sadly our garden is done now. I sure do miss homegrown tomatoes.