Monday, September 19, 2016

Beginning :: Two Hundred Sixty Four

This time it's real. Max is moved in, and beginning. Actually, classes don't begin until Thursday, but Max decided to brush-up. For him, focusing on his studies is the thing that helps him settle in. For me... well, I have a lot to learn. I like that I have some company, and the insights, and support of wise, kind friends... thanks, Andrea, Diana, Jennifer, Liz S, Moments.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

We had the luxury of making the Move-in Day a two step process. Max set up his room, met his roommate, and lead us on a campus tour, then we all came home together.

On Sunday, Max packed a few more things, except not this Boop. No Boops at kawledge.

This time we had Maria and William with us. And we toured more of the campus.

I think he's going to appreciate Monday's menu... ono!

Max got to get a peek into his physics lab, recognized a lot of things, and was able to confirm that he can scramble between Humanities and Physics in the allotted ten minutes, even with an armful of text books.

On this hot day, we enjoyed nice breezes as we powered around campus, checking things out. Looks like someone has learned how to really hang loose at school. We stayed kind of late... honestly, not to delay the inevitable, but just figuring things out, solving odds and ends issues. And yeah, probably delaying the inevitable, just a little. I filled the time giving him loving looks, and saying things like, remember to hang your towel, and stop the microwave as soon as the popcorn stops popping. Seriously awesome things, like that.

If there's anything sophisticated or insightful to say, you won't hear it from me, not on this subject. I belong to the proud, but reluctant subset of mothers who have no desire to rush anyone away from home, who have so loved family life, that I see no harm in the status quo. But, yes... he's ready, and able, and I know that it will be a blessing and a joy to see what's next for him.

And even if I am not ready and able, I know there's a good chance I will figure it out... certainly, it's all much easier with sweet friends to offer comfort and support!

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