Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Moving Box :: Two Hundred Fifty Nine

It's pretty full, so we must be getting close... move in day for Max. All summer Maria and I have enjoyed our laughs as we poured over Pinterest Boards for Dorm Rooms. When we first read a checklist of "necessities," that included television, game console, boom box, CDs, DVDs, and every variety of pillow from therapeutic to decorative, she asked, What exactly is it people do at college? And neither of us was too distraught over the prospect of the big day. But. Now. Suddenly the big day is imminent, and moving box aside, none of us feels exactly prepared. Max is a practical fellow, pragmatic in his ideas about what he needs. He turned down decorative pillows, strings of lights, area rugs and matching seat cushions. Televisions and entertainment centers were never an option. What he actually wants is for classes to begin, for the routines and demands of this next chapter to be delineated, and to come home, often.

He's not moving out, I console myself... it's only that our universe is expanding.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.


Adaliza said...

He'll be fine and have a great time, make friends, learn loads and all because he's confident and talented and has a great family behind him. Don't worry, he'll be home before you know it!

Jennifer said...

It was one of our funny moments when we arrived at Dean's dorm room to move him in, and discovered that his roommate had the *exact* same comforter, sheet set, and laundry hamper. Because, truly, neither of them would ever have put so much as half an ounce of effort into communicating (or caring) about such things. And yes, so much out there that *could* be fussed over and chosen -- all meaningless to a person who simply wants to have more or less what he needs, with minimal fuss, and just for the thing itself to commence. Yes, yes, yes. Sigh.

nikkipolani said...

Who knows, you may yet sneak in that string of lights.