Sunday, October 23, 2016

Everyday The Best Day :: Two Hundred Ninety Seven

We could never pick a favorite from our time seeing New England. Each day has brought new favorites, more discoveries, beautiful memories. Jennifer had a plan for Saturday that assured our last full day in Massachusetts was no exception... Her suggestions and careful planning lead us to Lexington and Concord, to beautiful greenhouses, gardens, through the loveliest neighborhoods and sights along the way. We've had apple cider donuts, prepared before our wondering eyes, at a terrifically charming farm! I feel as though we've earned merit badges for making this oh-so quintessential excursion. If I ever blog, in detail, about the ten days here, I'll share our visit to the Minute Man Museum, about the dark and stormy night wandering through Sleepy Hollow Cemetary, Lyman Estate, beautiful Concord, the delicious dinner with Ken and Jennifer at Bullfinches. And, maybe especially, about visiting Orchard House and Walden Pond. We've walked through literature and history, and been wonder struck. 

A Picture a Day, really and truly, live and in person, with my dear friend and kindred spirit, Jennifer, of Infinity More Monkeys. The greatest gift of blogging has been the friendships formed.  


Jennifer said...

And we'll just keep making the list, right? The places to return to, the places not gotten to on this, initial, scouting trip. You've given us a fresh perspective on our place, and a new energy to explore and celebrate more of what's right here. Plus, we want to be ready to be even better guides next time.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Better guides? Oh my gosh! I know we kept thinking of things we missed, but all I can think of is repeating everything we did see and do! The only thing missing was more time. Yes, let's keep the lists going, one here, another there. I want to rekindle my affection for S.D. so I can be as good a guide as you and Ken were to us. You live in a beautiful place... and it makes me so glad to know it better, to smile happily when I think of you there, know something of what you are seeing.