Friday, November 25, 2016

Chango's Chair and Heritage :: Three Hundred Twenty Nine

We are thankful for Chango, our grandpa cat. He'll be seventeen years old in the new year... well, spring of the new year. We love our Chango. El Cubano. And recently we researched what is very likely his Scottish name. He is Changus, from a little known line, the MacChangos. Surprisingly, not much is recorded on this history, but what we did discover is quite noteworthy, distinguished. Yes, and so in honor of his illustrious heritage, I spruced up his chair. His chair is the one I put next to my bed, so I could be the kind of woman who sits at her bedside, sipping tea, reading novels, and writing thank you notes to friends and dignitaries. Well, if you haven't received a thank you note from me, it is only because Changus MacChango never leaves my chair. It is his chair, and now, with the new cover, he seems ever more confirmed to living in it. From his vantage point he can watch the window, anticipate company, access his nightstand, and water, cross the bed, trice nightly, and sleep contentedly, knowing he is safe, loved, and distinguished.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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