Monday, November 07, 2016

Monday Mornings on The Road :: Three Hundred Twelve

Monday mornings have turned out to be the ideal time for Max to get back to his campus. It's an hour away, when traffic is mild. Until the time change, we were leaving in the dark. Today, fog was the issue. By the time I am back home again, he's already finished Calculus, and getting ready for one of his physics classes. Sometimes I stop to walk and breath before jumping back into OC traffic, again. Sometimes I need a hot-wake-me-drink, and public restroom. I am learning Starbucks culture... things like deciphering the sizes: I take a grande tea, not medium. And even though the place is packed full of friendly faces, none of them is there for smiles and small talk. It's like a laptop library, where silence is golden, and everyone has something important to check out and into. So, though I tend to shy away from crowds, I find it's really quite natural to be perfectly anonymous and undisturbed, even on a busy morning.

I sat, almost shoulder to shoulder, yet utterly in my own space, and read all of Jennifer's new posts, made comments, sighed, sipped, and read some more. Then I took a deep and calming breath, because I realized I was getting misty-eyed missing my friend, and wishing I'd stayed back in Massachusetts long enough to see bare trees, and the last game of the World Series, to hang a W with her! Seriously, between leaving Max at the curb, outside the dorms, and reflecting fondly on lovely memories, and friendships, I was in tender state. I figured the Starbucks in OC is probably not the place to be tearily sentimental. But... I don't think anyone noticed, anyway.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.


Rachel said...

That must be the green cup everyone is talking's the first time I've seen one, thanks for sharing. I've definitely had my fair share of sentimental Starbucks moments.:)

Jennifer said...

You know, I feel it too. I look at your photos from your visit, and I think *ah, I remember that moment, when she paused to take that picture* and it makes me both joyful and sad -- just wish it could have been longer, and that I could have been around more.