Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Treats :: Three Hundred Six

Amira, Maria, Bambi and Alex~

While William was posted at the BirdHouse, Geoff and I went out with Alex, Maria, Amira, and Paul. First stop was Bambi's house. She's in one of those generous neighborhoods, where there are plenty of homes sharing in the Halloween spirit. It was the right choice. Amira and Maria covered plenty of ground and collected lots of treats, plus praise for their great costumes. The Crow and the Naturalist... unplanned, but a fitting pair.

Ready explorer! Maria did a fine job of putting this together, and at the last possible moment, too. Of course it helps to have as many hats and accessories in our stashes as we do!

Over the Garden Wall. I love Bambi's pumpkin. Her home was ready for Halloween, inside and out.

Maria's objective... trick or treat long enough to collect enough treats for sharing with her brothers. Looks like she was successful! She's rationing her haul until Max is home again, so they can play at sorting, swapping, and sharing, together. Cairo was a bit mystified, but eager to oversee the ritual counting, sorting, and deep sniffing of sweet confections.

Another Halloween triumph! I woke up feeling giddy for Thanksgiving.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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Jennifer said...

The sorting! I love and miss the sorting, and those aromas! Ahhhh. We, too, are feeling suddenly Thanksgivingish. Henry David would have loved Maria's costume, as would all the sisters Alcott.