Monday, December 19, 2016

Making Joy :: Three Hundred Fifty Four

Geoff posted, from work, a link to a podcast... of Neil Gaiman reading A Christmas Carol. It's not just a favorite author reading a classic tale; there is an introduction, with remarks and backstory, to this unique edition of the Dickens' telling. Even before Geoff shared the link, I had popped corn, and set some aside with the idea that maybe we would string popcorn. I haven't done that in sixteen years, or more. William was about to warm up a pot of wassail... Trader Joe's is selling a spiced juice for the season, and it's lovely. Alex had started a fire. It turned out to be an impromptu, yet rather idyllic evening.

Neil Gaiman reads well, with a measured balance of levity and respect for the work, and a compelling voice. The story, told from Charles Dickens' very familiar work, has a fresh tone, because, apparently, Dickens' had this prompt annotated especially for reading aloud, so it's sprinkled with details, and phrasing not heard in the original. Maria and I strung the popcorn in the soft light. Max, Alex, William, Maria and I shared the story by the fire, and I was aware that this was a good time, a time of making some joy. It's no good waiting for joy to happen, for everything to be just right. We miss Geoff when he has long hours away from home, there's a lot going on in the world that make it hard to feel happy. But that's life, too. The good. The bad. It very rarely all comes together just as we might like it to. Lately, I'm more aware than ever before, that we cannot take good times for granted, that life brings heartache, and pleasures... it helps to savor the blessings, and taking the joy that is before us.

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.

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