Saturday, February 11, 2017

11 Adaliza Patchwork

This is a gift, all the way from England. Can you believe it? I cannot, almost, except it's here, and Adaliza and I have exchanged so many long and chatty emails, become such happy acquaintances, that I guess I really can believe it. She's kind, talented, thoughtful, with dear stories about dogs and a duck, and loads of beautiful creations, this friend. She's generous, obviously!

On the subject of quilts and patchwork, I do have many posts, but I see now, it's been almost three years since I work on a quilt of my own, and even that one, sadly, is still a wayward wip, abandoned, somewhere in the office of stacks and stashes.

Dear Adaliza, the kindness of your gift has moved me deeply, and I am cautiously preparing to do it justice. For instance... I think I should change the needle on my machine, so I am sewing these small squares with as fine and sharp a needle as possible. Don't you agree? I am anxious about the little errors that add up so dramatically when working with small pieces. And a confession... I have never, ever, used a kit or followed instructions. My one consolation is knowing we have a well established email relationship, because I just know I will be reaching out to you for assurances, tips, and counseling... even before I begin tackling your beautiful quilt kit! My hope is to do a good job, share my progress, inspire all sorts of friends to visit your blog and discover your quilts, then one day fly clear over to your corner of the world to thank you properly, in person, and meet Flora, too! You are so nice, friend, and I am lucky to know you. Thank you, very much. Sincerely, Natalie~

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.


Jennifer said...

How wonderful! Can't wait to see this take shape, and to visit a new blog!!

Adaliza said...

It's a pleasure Natalie - and a birthday present for your special year. Like I say in the booklet, it's not a race, don't feel under any pressure but if you feel like doing a bit of stitching I hope the colours and fabrics will bring a little piece of English countryside and garden to your world. Do let me know if you have any questions. Adaliza x