Monday, February 27, 2017

27 Enough is Enough

Taken from the San Diego Museum of Man, in Balboa Park. Maria's class field trip was enjoyable, good, but I think the weather that day made the bigger impression. It rained, hard, all day. And. I am shocked to admit this, and even more shocked to have felt this, but by afternoon, I was totally over rain. Done with it. Couldn't bear another minute, and still, it poured. It wasn't the actual rain or weather, but the flooding yard that was driving me to distraction. The goats and chickens were drenched and surrounded by massive puddles, saturated ground. Our septic and leach field were in danger of unspeakable disasters. I could have taken more rain, but our ground could not! And the drive to and from the field trip were a bit harrowing. I can laugh, now, in retrospect. Or maybe just acknowledge that it all came out alright, with a tentative smile. But, February 27th was the day I waited, in desperation, for the rain to stop.

Just before closing, we were all in the hardware store, buying wood chips, then spreading those around in the goat's cottage, in the pouring rain, sunk in sloshing, muddy water. And the chickens? Those mad hens were roosted in all of the wettest, windiest, most absurd spots they could cling to! Good grief!

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.22

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